noPhoto camera jammer

Model: NP1
  • NP1 - noPhoto camera jammer
  • NP1 - noPhoto camera jammer
  • NP1 - noPhoto camera jammer


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  • Not a spray, cover, or frame - patented 12v device

  • Does not obscure or cover any portion of the license plate
  • Four infrared/visual light optical sensors ensure all-weather performance
  • Software filtering prevents false alerts
  • Fits on all cars and trucks
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing technology enhances valid detection so the noPhoto never misses a single flash
  • Shadows, car headlights, sunlight, and police LIDAR guns are just some of the false alerts that the noPhoto is intelligent enough to filter out
  • Ultra-fast microprocessor reacts in microseconds to properly categorize the threat and fire the noPhoto's flash
  • Legal notification: noPhoto is not intended for sale in those jurisdictions in which the use of the noPhoto is illegal. Please check your respective state and local laws accordingly.
  • Professional installation required via local aftermarket automotive specialist

If You Are Interested in this Unit, Inquire At Your Local Car Dealer.

NP1:noPhoto camera jammer


Life is stressful: driving doesn't have to be. You have a lot to think about - the last things you need to worry about are speed and red light cameras. You've seen the flashes, and now you can defend yourself for the first time with the noPhoto.


No Photo

by Andrew Brozyna, on 2020-Jan-07

Five star for performance. Believe me this thing works. Here is my problem and complaint. There are 4 plastic plugs that protect the sensors from the elements. After a while they fall out exposing sensor to weather. Replacement parts N/A. Thus making the unit unfixable.