Two-Way LCD Command Confirming Security System with up to 2,500 feet Operating Range

Model: APS596Z


  • (1) Five Button 2-Way LCD Confirming Transmitter

  • (1) Five Button 1-Way Transmitter
  • FlashLogic FLCART Compatible
  • Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in LED Light and Valet Switch
  • Programmed transmitter notification
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Automatic Arming
  • Automatic Locking
  • Illuminated Entry
  • Multiple Vehicle Control
  • Improved custom code override, user selectable and programmable
  • Multi Tone Mini Siren
  • Starter Interrupt
  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor with City Mode

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Performance and attitude is what you can expect from the APS596Z. Prestige engineers quality reliable protect that will protect your car and keep you safe as well as stylish in its newly redesigned metal chrome casing. The advanced 2-way LCD command confirming display confirms your requested action has been triggered and completed and has an operating range of 2,500 feet.

Features (continued)
  • 9 NOC Outputs, 13 Control Options
  • 4 - Auxiliary Outputs, 8 Control Options
  • FlashLogic Based System Programming
  • Telematics Port - Carlink Ready
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Had the APS596C

by Evelina Dean, on 2020-Feb-22

Best add on alarm system I've ever owned. Being hearing impaired it is nice to have an alarm that is on the key fob. It alerts me when I'm in my home and shopping. Great system and far nicer than the alarms that only sound off on the automobile only.