VOXX Electronics : Prestige Car Security and Remote Start : APS687E

One-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System with Up to 2,500 feet Operating Range

Model: APS687E


  • Two five button metal one-way remote controls

  • Programmed transmitter notification
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • Safe start RF control
  • Selectable automatic times start mode
  • (+) and (-) keyless entry outputs
  • On board start relay
  • On board accessory relay
  • Three on board ignition relays
  • On board parking light relay
  • Ignition 2 & 3 relay selectable on or off during cranking
  • Ground output while running / shock by - pass / GM VAT output (relay required)
  • Tach signal learning circuit
  • Two (+) and two (-) safety shutdown circuits

Accessories / Suggested Products


Window control module

Smart engineering, satisfying performance! Prestige has built it's respected name on providing car owners with what they want most: remote start and keyless entry solutions that drive convenience. The APS687E is the premier remote start keyless entry system in this year's product line. If you're dreading the winter and considering a remote start system, this is the right fit for you....stylish, rugged and reliable.


  • Alarm by - pass output
  • Channel 3 output for remote trunk release (relay required)
  • Channel 4, 5, 6 & 7 output to control optional accessories
  • Selectable steady or flashing parking lights for run indication
  • Selectable run times
  • Selectable door lock output (relay required)
  • Vehicle horn activation output for R/S annunciation
  • External activation control input
  • Turbo timer mode
  • Multiple vehicle capable
  • Hybrid vehicle compatible for remote start
  • Telematics port -carlink ready
  • DBI port - plug in flash logic by - pass capable
  • Limited lifetime warranty