VOXX Electronics : Code Alarm Security and Remote Start : CA1053

Vehicle security and keyless entry system

Model: CA1053


  • Two 433MHz 4-button remote controls

  • Unit will accept up to 4 remote controls
  • Silent choice
  • 125dB weatherproof siren
  • Horn output
  • On board dual stage shock sensor (lite touch - full trigger)
  • Starter interrupt output with relay included
  • Parking light and trunk outputs
  • Negative door lock / unlock outputs
  • Hi-Jack mode
  • Limited lifetime warranty
The CA1053 is your entry level vehicle security and keyless entry system. This system comes with two 1-way 433MHz 4-button remote controls and features on board dual stage shock sensor, 125dB siren and more. This system may not be flashy but it is reliabl